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Porte interne di legno di tiglio - from category (iDepozit)
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Porte interne di legno di tiglio

Porte interne di legno di tiglio
Porte interne di legno di tiglio Porte interne di legno di tiglio Porte interne di legno di tiglio
Codice Prodotto: HH1525606
Disponibilità: 90
Prezzo: 317,93€ /item
Prezzo tasse incluse: 378,49€ /item

RRP: 460€ /item

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Interior doors of solid linden wood


The interior doors are designed to be useful at the same time, functional and aesthetic.
They are made of safe materials, quality, natural.
Whether we talk about the doors of solid wood or natural oak veneer coated in any of the categories no synthetic components, plastics.

Solid timber doors, so the strong essences, such as oak or beech, and the essences soft lime or wood, are made of solid wood heat treated in the drying room, lowered the percentage ideal humidity to withstand as much time.
The massive doors can be chosen depending on the number and shape of which are built decks. The size, design and color of the glass (if present) may be of interest to our clients.
The hardware is quality of several models and colors, be it frogs key, the lock bolts or hub.
Doors come complete with sheet door frames, linings, window sills. The door frame is constructed to dress all the wall regardless of its thickness, with a natural and pleasant appearance.
Sills solid wood can be of different widths and shapes - straight or semi-round.

Veneered doors are made of linden wood frame, honeycomb paper, over which applies veneered MDF with natural oak veneer.
The doors are treated with stains and water based paints that do not pollute the environment. We can choose from a wide range of colors that can be matte or glossy.

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Porte interne di legno di tiglio - from category (iDepozit)