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Icona con sacrificio del Figlio dell\'uomo - from category (iDepozit)
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Icona con sacrificio del Figlio dell'uomo

Icona con sacrificio del Figlio dell'uomo
Marca: Horezu
Codice Prodotto: DO1525608
Momento della Consegna: 15 days
Disponibilità: 1
Prezzo: 141,12€ 126,00€
Prezzo tasse incluse: 150,00€
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Icon with sacrifice of Jesus is crafted with attention to every detail by experienced artists of Horezu - Valcea - Romania . This tradition is carried on today by the descendants of the first benefactors authentic artist famous icons in Romania.

The talent of these artists with a passion for painting within an image with the scene of Jesus crucifixion crowns this unique masterpiece in a specific Romanian traditional art .


- Embellish and decorate the room where it is placed

- Bright colors, combined and arranged masterfully magnificent results

- Frame of wood and decorated by hand

- Representation may refer you to a deepening accentuated by Divinity

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Icona con sacrificio del Figlio dell\'uomo - from category (iDepozit)