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Anatomiche Materassi in lattice - from category (iDepozit)
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Anatomiche Materassi in lattice

Anatomiche Materassi in lattice
Anatomiche Materassi in lattice Anatomiche Materassi in lattice
Codice Prodotto: HH1525604
Momento della Consegna: 15 days
Disponibilità: 200
Prezzo: 140,27€ /unit
Prezzo tasse incluse: 166,99€ /unit

RRP: 203€ /unit - Small

RRP: 330€ /unit - Medium

RRP: 432€ /unit - Large

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Anatomical Latex Mattresses; Dimensions: Small: 200X80 cm, Medium: 200X140 cm, Large: 200X180 cm

10 reasons to choose healthy latex mattresses:

    Latex mattresses lining not only contains latex - they have the entire core of latex - 100% latex. Latex comes from the rubber tree Havea Brasiliensis and is the most elastic material in nature.
    The mattresses are very comfortable latex. Through the 7 hardness zones, they create a uniform support for orthopedic spine along its entire length.
    LaTeX's natural properties ensure a healthy environment without micro-organisms, mites, bacteria and dust - agents of allergies, asthma and other inflammatory procecse.
    Latex mattresses have a better network of vertical and horizontal air channels, which guarantees a good ventilation and fresh air mattress those who sleep.
    The support provided by the uniform latex mattresses ensure total relaxation for the whole body muscles and improves blood circulation.
    Latex mattresses are made of environmentally friendly products and meet all modern requirements for living in harmony with natural laws. They do not contain polyurethane or other substances or chemicals.
    Latex mattresses are designed from NASA (for astonautilor sleep in weightlessness). They are manufactured by Dunlop technology, to sleep on the ground where your body weight and require orthopedic support.
    Latex mattresses have removable zippered covers, making them very easy to clean and washing.
    The excellent insulating properties of latex summer's heat and winter chill ensure
    Latex is the material elastic in nature - recovers its original shape after deformation multiple and continuous, which guarantees its long life.

                             Latex mattresses have the unique ability to adapt your body


                       7 HARD independent zones provide ORTOPEDIC support while you sleep

Core :

    medium type (4.8 kPa )
    7 comfort zones



Removable :

    knitted very soft and pleasant to the touch
    natural color
    zipper on two sides - can easily detach for washing - washable
    quilted cotton with a generous layer of comfort
    mattress comes with ( already mounted on the core )

Between the core and the cover is still an additional protective pouch ( non-removable )




                                                        FOR MOST COMFORTABLE SLEEP

saltea-moalepoint effort spine and neck
soft mattress

saltea-normalasupport points to reduce stress in the spine

saltea-tarepoint effort spine and neck
hard mattress

Is only possible if the spine , neck, pelvis and
The legs are in the optimal position

saltea-latex-optim-s-sLATEX MATTRESS

alte-saltele-d-sOTHER MATTRESS

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Anatomiche Materassi in lattice - from category (iDepozit)