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 Cuenco - from category Objetos decorativos (iDepozit)
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Cuencos tradicionales rumanos, 330 ml

Cuenco Cuenco Cuenco
Marca: Horezu
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Pottery handmade by artisans authentic Horezu area - Valcea - Romania, using ancient techniques for over 2,000 years. Over time, plates, jugs, bowls and many others were very popular, especially foreign tourists, and the fame of famous ceramists potters district exceeded the borders.
Artisans have learned this occupation of lands their ancestors and the generations lived among the fruit of this work. Horezu ceramic objects are among the most representative things related to Romanian traditions.

Horezu earthenware bowls, various models. They are carefully painted, burned in special furnaces by local craftsmen. The painting is handmade with different designs and colors of the region. The objects may be used as such or can be decorative.


- Decorative hand-painted by master artists

- Practical use

- Maintain the ideal temperature of the liquid inside the ceramic material property

- Help improve food taste

- High quality material

Warning: Do not enter into automatic dishwasher!

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Cuenco - from category Objetos decorativos (iDepozit)