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AdBlue nox reducing agent - from category (iDepozit)
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AdBlue nox reducing agent

AdBlue nox reducing agent
AdBlue nox reducing agent AdBlue nox reducing agent AdBlue nox reducing agent
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  Trade name : aqueous solution of aqueous urea AUS 32    ( 31.8-33.2 % mass concentration ) . AdBlue®

Chemical Name : Urea

Area of use : Agent gas reduction for diesel engines equipped with SCR

Molecular formula : NH2CONH2

Molar mass : 60.06 kg - mole

• To be placed away from sources of heat or fire.
• Ensure a high standard of cleanliness in the storage area.
• Any building used for storage should be dry and well ventilated.
• To prevent crystallisation and hydrolysis product is a recommended storage temperature of max. 30 ° C . Environment at a constant temperature of -10 ° Celsius, the product storage tank, pipes and the equipment that come into contact with the product must be insulated and heated.
• The recommended material for storage: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE ), Low density polyethylene (LDPE ), stainless steel and Cr- Ni- Cr- Ni- Mo stainless steel DIN EN 10088-1 according to DIN EN 10088-3 up.
• Materials are not recommended for use in iron and metals containing copper and / or zinc alloys.

Period of validity depending on the temperature

Ambient temperature storage (°C)

Date of minimum durability


36 months


18 months


12 months


6 months



                        Appearance: Colourless
                        Odour: a faint odor of ammonia
                        The pH of the water solution (concentration 10%) : 8.10
                        Crystallization point : -11 ° C
                        Explosive Properties: Not explosive
                        Oxidising properties : None
                        Solubility in water: Complete
                        Density: 1090 kg / m3 at 20 ° C
                        Vapor pressure : about 48 mm Hg ( 40 ° C )

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AdBlue nox reducing agent - from category (iDepozit)